Monday, July 23, 2012

Buddy's: Home of Lucban Delicacies

How do you like your pancit? Ever had it with vinegar? Too weird for you? Try pancit Lucban and you might just change your mind.

I recently had a craving for these yummy tasting noodles after a cousin posted a deliciously looking plate of these delicacy in Facebook. Fortunately it was a sunny Sunday morning that day and we're psyched to have some family time. So I told hubby to get ready because we're heading out for some pancit Lucban lunch.

Buddy's is a restaurant which originated in Lucban, Quezon. Both my parents grew up in this little province and we would always see this restaurant whenever we visit our grandparents. Suffice to say, it caters to Lucban delicacies such as pancit Lucban, longganisang Lucban, hardinera, etc. But they also have other items on their menu like spaghetti, palabok, pizza, burgers, sizzling meals and more.

On that fateful day of my craving, we decided to try their Ayala Center branch in Makati. We even met up with my sister and her family so my little boy had a chance to have some serious playtime with his cousins.

The place had a feeling of fiesta all over it. Colorful kipings (leaf-shaped wafers made of rice) hang around the area. The seats have large sunflowers carved at the back rest.

As expected, the pancit was as yummy as ever. The distinct feature of this dish is that it is taken with vinegar. It sounds out of the ordinary but try it and you might just like it.

Pancit Lucban (2-3 persons) P175

We also tried the Longganisang Lucban and Kesong Puti Supreme Pizza. It was okay but not really spectacular. The pizza had thick crusts and the longgnisa on top tends to get out of place while you eat it making a bit of a mess. I like my longganisang Lucban on its own, fried and served with hot rice and calamansi.   
Buddy Pizza Supreme: Longganisang Lucban and Kesong Puti (Small) P125

Sago at Gulaman P40

Free Soup

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy

I learned about this book from Delamar, one-third of the The Morning Rush trio of RX 93.1. She talked about it a number of times over their radio show and her two co-DJs were teasing her about it. She even read a snippet of it on air.

I got curious and started googling about it. What I found out made me cringe. BDSM? For real? I didn't even know what the heck it means at first so it led me to more wikipedia browsing. I have read a lot of books with intimate moments but BDSM? I wasn't sure if I was ready to venture into that realm. 

But my curiosity got the better of me so I got myself copies of the books and well, I finished all three in a week!

Okay, I must admit I did not read ALL of it. Especially the BDSM parts. It was way too much for me. 

But I must say, I did enjoy the story of Ana and Christian (their real story minus all the BDSM crap). I like the first book the most especially the first few chapters when they first met and Ana's hormones just went haywire. I enjoyed how E.L. James build the intensity of their attraction to each other. 

Then Christian revealed The Red Room of Pain and you realize he ain't that perfect dreamy guy after all. He's got issues, major ones! 

Book 2 and 3 were a bit dragging for my taste. I feel like the story was stretched way too long when it could have fit into 2 books at the most. But who stops at sequels these days? Trilogy is the way to go, right?

Despite all that, though, I still went thru all three books. Another thing I liked most was the email exchanges between the main characters. There were sweet and funny moments in this written conversations. Ana tends to be more communicative when she's writing down what she says and I kind of relate to that.

The books lives up to its reputation of being a "mommy porn". Intimate parts were aplenty! I mean there were too much action that it gets old after some time. It was an erotica novel after all. The thing is, this was my first time to read something from this category so I am totally clueless as to how much "action" really goes into this kind of literature.

So would I recommend this book? Yes but keep it out of reach of children and teenagers! Puhleez! There is still a nice love story underneath all that queer stuff and you can always skip it as I did. Enjoy!

Laters, baby. =)

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