Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Feast

As an opening salvo for our newly bought La Germania oven and rotisserie, we had a yummy-licious roasted chicken and veggies for a family Sunday lunch.

Prior to roasting, the chicken was marinated in Barrio Fiesta's Lechon Manok mix for two hours. While the veggies (baby potatoes, tomatoes, green & red bell peppers and asparagus) were drizzled with olive oil and spices (marjoram, thyme & oregano). For additional flavor, the veggies were laid in a baking pan  and placed below the roasting chicken to catch its drippings.  

For our soup, we had a steaming Knorr cream of asparagus soup with real asparagus stalks.

Now what to do next week? Hhmmmmm.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Nokia Chronicles

Having been a loyal Nokia user for the past decade or so, the recent loss of my last Nokia unit  triggered me to reminisce my past phones and prompted me to write this piece. For some unfathomable reason, it would seem that I have a knack for "giving away" my mobile phones every time something major major happens in my life. I do not know how to explain it, it just happened.

My first phone was a Nokia 3210, a by-product of holiday bonuses. I had it for about a year then it got stolen right out of my jean's front pocket. It was a  rush hour weekend and I was on my way home from the mall. I had to work my way up a bus teeming with passengers and settle with standing at the bus aisle. When we reached the next bus stop, people started going down. The next thing I know, my phone was gone. I guess one of those peeps who left decided to keep my phone as a souvenir from me - without asking, of course.

My milestone: Caloy and I were just starting to go out at that time. 

I replaced my stolen 3210 with another 3210 because it was a cheaper fix. It was after all an unbudgeted expense so I cannot afford a newer model. It took another 2 years before I  finally grew tired of it and decided  to buy a new one. This time a Nokia 6510. It was cute and small but nonetheless, satisfied my simple needs - mobile phone, radio, calendar and alarm clock. Then one sunny afternoon while walking in Cubao with Caloy, some klepto took it out of my bag and ran away with it.

My milestone: We were in the middle of the wedding preps.

My Nokia 6230 was barely 3 months old when I lost it in Glorietta during a midnight sale. Little did I know that while I was rummaging thru stacks of clothes on sale, somebody was likewise doing the same in my bag. An officemate I came across in one of stores was the one who told me that my bags' zip was open. I knew my brand new phone was gone even before I checked it.   

My milestone: I resigned from my 8yr job and was transferring to a new workplace.

With a heavy heart, I bought myself a Nokia 3230. I eventually gave it to Caloy because his Samsung phone was failing him already and I was itching for a better unit.

My N70 Music Edition lasted the longest with me, more than 3yrs. Heck, it was so long I even thought my "phone curse" was gone. Then BOOM! I was riding a jeepney on the way to the office, on a Monday morning at that, when it got fished out of my bag. It was really disappointing. That phone was the silent witness to the emotional rollercoaster that I went thru in last couple of years. It was my lifeline to my family when I went to the netherworld. In short, we've been through a lot together so it was really a bummer to lose it in that manner. 

My milestone: I started with a new company this year. 

I am now using  a Nokia E63. I am dearly hoping that this one will stay with me for a long time. And that it will not leave me the traditional way.... my tradition of losing it to strangers, that is, the next time I have a major event in my life.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gambas al Ajillo

Got shrimps? Here is a simple recipe I got from Yummy food mag. I tried it last weekend and my attempt was not exactly a success because I unintentionally over-seasoned the shrimps with salt. Otherwise, I am sure it would have been so yummy-licious.

  • 250 grams shrimps, peeled
  • 2 tablespoons chopped garlic
  • 4 pieces finger chili (siling pansigang), sliced
  • 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  1. Season the shrimps with some salt.
  2. In a skillet, saute garlic and chili in olive oil. When garlic is golden brown, add the shrimps. Cook until shrimp change color. Serve sizzling hot.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pancake Morning

To make pancakes a little more fun, I bought a few pieces of food shapers and voila!