Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Hotel H2O Weekend

I heard about Hotel H2O late last year and was intrigued by the aquarium theme of some of the rooms. It was definitely one of its kind and one that my little Miguel would surely enjoy. So when we found out that Ensogo was offering discount coupons for an overnight stay in this hotel, we grabbed it.

We were booked in an Aqua Room which had a wall-sized aquarium filled with various kinds of fish. Miguel was amazed when he first saw it and he was all smiles all throughout our stay. The aquarium has a remote-controlled curtain so you have the option to cover it up in case you get sick of it. Hehe! Management also has control of this curtain as they close it when the aquarium needs cleaning. The light automatically shuts off at 9pm and lights on at 6am. Fish food were also being dropped in the aquarium at certain times of the day. 

Miguel loved the room that he even requested his daddy to have our room at home be renovated to look like the Aqua Room with the aquarium and the card key!

Family pic with the the stuffed Nemo & Squirt on the side.

It was raining cats and dogs that day that the Aquatica Musical Fountain Show scheduled at 6pm was almost cancelled but thank God it didn't. It still pushed through but they had to distribute raincoats as it was still drizzling a bit. The auditing firm, Isla Lipana, was having a family day in Manila Ocean Park that day so the seats were still filled to the brim despite the rain. The show was no doubt visually entertaining. Kids and adults alike enjoyed it. Miguel was mesmerized by the lights especially when his beloved Nemo showed up. He laughed when Mr. Lobster was being chased by the fat chef with his big chopping knife.

We had dinner at Pancake House after the show then went back to our room where we further munched on a  big bag of chips while we watched TV. 
My little Mr. Pasta Boy
Chips & drinks - Vodka for Daddy & Mommy; apple juice for Miguel
The next morning, I was prematurely awaken when the aquarium curtain suddenly came up and the lights illuminated the room. Then I heard a small voice beside me said, "Good morning Fish!".  

Our Ensogo coupon did not include breakfast so we had to find food for ourselves. Since we were too lazy to go out, we decided to just call room service. Food was good though not really spectacular and a bit expensive. But then again, hotel food is always expensive anywhere you go.

Longsilog meal w/ coffee & a 3-egg omelet with mushroom, onion, bell peppers, ham & cheese

 We were hoping the weather would be better that day because we wanted to take a quick dip in the pool but it was still cloudy and there were still occasional rains. So we decided to skip it for fear of getting sick. As we have already been to the Oceanarium, seen the sea lion show and the jellies back in April, we spent the rest of our stay cooped up in our room watching TV.  

The only thing that bothered me about the room was the bathroom/toilet which had glass walls so you don't really have any privacy when you're doing your thing. There was retractable clothesline above the toilet seat which Caloy managed to tie to the shower door (which also alternatively serves as the main toilet door) where we hanged a shower towel for a makeshift cover.   

Overall, our stay in Hotel H2O was pleasant enough. The aquarium theme of the room was what really caught our attention and made us decide to book an overnight stay here even if it was just about 15mins away from home. Miguel fell in love with it and wants to go back again soon. =)

Other info (Aqua Room):
1. A large wall mounted LCD screened TV
2. A working table 
3. Internet connection via LAN cable or wi-fi. Username and password will be given upon check-in
4. Complimentary food and drinks includes coffee/ tea, 2 bottles of mineral water, 2 softdrinks in can, a small bag of chips and peanuts
5. Free use of gym & pool

Working table with LAN cable/Wi-fi connection, complimentary coffee/tea and electrical outlets with universal sockets.
Hotel H2O
Luneta, Manila, Philippines
(behind the Quirino Grandstand