Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Caloy's Day

The vid is a collection of pics of Daddy Caloy with our Miguel with Cookie Monster's "C is for Cookie" as background music. The song is one of the songs that Daddy Caloy loves to sing to Miguel.

Happy Father's Day Daddy Caloy! We love you! Mwah!

Toy Story 3

Finally, my Miguel is a certified moviegoer! He watched his first ever movie, Toy Story 3, in Trinoma yesterday. We didn't see the 3D version though as we were still unsure on how Miguel would react to the big screen, the crowd and the dark theater. But he finished the whole film and enjoyed himself immensely. 

He is a big Woody and Buzz fan having seen the first 2 Toy Story movies in cable TV several times already. I am not sure which character he likes best because he gives a different answer every time I ask him. 

Anyhow, Toy Story 3 is a must-see film both for kids and adults alike. So go out and see it.

Pampered to the Max

I have always been fond of body scrubs and massages. So I was truly overjoyed when hubby told me that he planned to take us out for a whole body pampering soiree on our 5th wedding anniversary. Weee!

My dear Loyski did all the research and in the end came up with Sanctuario Spa, a real nice spa place nestled in Scout Esguerra St. near ABS-CBN in Quezon City. He signed us up with a package which started off with a steam bath and a jacuzzi dip. Then followed by an aromatic floral bath, body scrub and massage in their couple's room.

It was my first time to experience a steam bath and I am not sure I like it. It was so darn hot! I requested the attendant to cool it off a bit but it was still so hot! I was having a hard time breathing even after putting a damp towel in my face. 

The floral bath was nice except that the flower petals keep touching my legs and it felt like bugs were crawling in my skin. So I guess, I could do without the petals.

The highlight of the night was the body scrub and massage. It was pure bliss and relaxation. I simply love it!

Thank you Loyski for such a wonderful evening. Ulet uli tyo ha! =)

*Here are a couple of You Tube vids re Sanctuario Spa.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Knot

Happy Anniversary Dudi! 
Love you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st Day High

I took a half-day leave today to accompany Miguel in his first day of kinder school. It was an event I missed last year due to an out-of-the-country assignment. Thanks to hubby who took, what he called a "blow-by-blow" photo account of the momentous event in our little boy's life and sent them to me. It suffice that time because there was nothing I can do about the situation but I told myself I am not missing it this year. 

He was ok once in school but his pre-school morning tantrums were a bit of a challenge.  

First, he refused to take a bath. I had to force him while he wailed, "Yoko maligo! Gusto ko baho!" the whole time.

Second, he refused to eat his breakfast. It took a lot of cajoling before he finally gave in. However, he only finished half of the breakfast I prepared for him. 

Third, he won't drink his choco milk. This one is a recorded failed attempt. I just left it in the refrigerator and told his nanny to try to offer it to him again later in the day. 

Fourth, he got all riled up when he saw that his baon was a juice drink and not Milo. 

Lastly, he wouldn't wear his shoes but instead insisted on wearing his slippers to school. To prevent another crying bout, I conceded to his request. When we reached the school, I pointed out to him that the other kids were all wearing shoes so he should also wear his. I guess he realized his "uniqueness" so he immediately agreed to let me put on his shoes. 

Everything went smoothly from there. When the teacher started requesting the kids to line up, he went to his line and marched into the classrooms without any problem. 

Three hours later, he was all smiles when he saw me again in school to pick him up.