Saturday, September 11, 2010

D-I-Y Pizza

I was craving for a pizza on a lazy Saturday afternoon and I knew I could have just bought those ready-to-eat pizzas but I figured a DIY pizza would be a nice bonding activity with Miguel. Since we always make pretend pizza with his Play Doh clay, making a real one that we can actually eat would be a treat for him. So despite the magnetic-like pull of the bed on my back and big butt, I stood up and rushed to the nearest grocery store to buy the things I need. 

Sure enough Miguel got all excited when he saw me preparing the pizza. He immediately pulled out his official chair from the dining table placed it beside me while he stood on it as he watch me work. I took out the ready-made pizza crust, spread the sauce and topped it with sweet ham, italian sausage, pepperonni, mushroom, bell peppers and lotsa cheese. I then put  in the oven to bake.

D-I-Y Pizza

Miguel and his friend Johan (our unexpected visitor) enjoying their mini DIY pizza

*DIY = Do It Yourself