Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Sunday Currently Vol. 01

I came across this kind of post as far back as 2 years ago and I've always wanted to try it out but for some reason it never happened... until now.

Reading Wattpad fanfics featuring Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. There are so many talented writers in the fandom (the AlDubnation) who create really interesting plots from fluffy to tearjerkers to SPGish stories. Maybe when I have more time, I'll list the ones I enjoyed the most and post it here.

Writing about my favorite romcom movies for a future post.

Listening to the soundtrack of La La Land and alternating it with the current hits on Spotify,

Thinking about what to cook for my son's lunch tomorrow.

Smelling nothing.

Wishing for more inspiration to write.

Hoping for a productive yet relaxing week ahead.

Wearing an olive green plaid shirt received as a gift. And since the giver is flying back to their home country in a few days, I decided to wear it to their despedida party today to show my appreciation.

Loving my family. It has been a family event filled weekend making me feel blessed to have them in my life.

Wanting a lot of things from the mundane like Alden and Maine bobbleheads to the more serious ones like learning or better yet re-learning how to drive so I can get around on my own. I already completed 2 driving courses but there was this one time that I almost crashed the car and that left me rattled. I have not driven since,

Needing some serious motivation to work out and be healthy.

Feeling bloated due to a binge eating weekend. Remember I mentioned that I had a family event filled weekend? Well, that involves food....lots of them. There was lechon, kare-kare, dinuguan and sweets of all kinds such as ice cream, sans rival, etc.

So that's it for now. 'Til next Sunday...

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